• Assembly

Impeller Assembly

An accurate pitch angle setting of impellers is integral to the assembly procedures at Elta Fans. By providing an extensive range of specially developed mechanical pitch angle setting machines, we have an extensive range of hub sizes and impeller diameters available.

Elta Fans’ pitch angle machines are constantly calibrated with an impressive pitch angle accuracy between blades of + / -1 ° to maintain consistently low vibration and high performance characteristics.

Impeller Cutting

Elta Fans have introduced bespoke machinery designed to meet increasing requirements for a variety of impeller diameters. lmpeller cutting machinery provides digital diameter readings, which ensures perfectly round impeller diameters. The combination of precise impeller cutting and manufacturing procedures for casings provides components for assembly with the necessary tip clearance accuracy.

Impeller Balancing

An integral aspect of the assembly is to ensure correct balancing of impellers utilising high precision balancing machines. These machines are all balanced to JSO 14694, down to a balance level of G2.5 where appropriate, in either single or multi plane tolerances depending on design requirements.

Assembly Testing

Testing is an important measure following assembly of products. We have test bays that cater for the largest fans with matching feet, flanges, dampers and bell mouth inlets where appropriate.

With these capabilities, we are able to ensure that every product is tested to installation requirements. All test equipment is regularly calibrated with testing of fans and motor sets up to 100 kW, and with AC and DC models for 50Hz and 60Hz applications, including full load currents, fan speeds and vibration readings.