• Creating a Fan

Achieving the best possible performance efficiency whilst also minimising noise levels in products for all applications is a constant objective for Elta Fans. Technical innovation is the foundation of the product range across all applications.

Our fan engineering and design capabilities are used to unite form and function. We have a team of product development engineers continuously working to develop new, innovative products to meet customers’ exact needs, whether this be specific noise or performance criteria to individual product attributes.

When developing new ideas within Elta Fans, we utilise market leading software, such as finite element analysis to analyse and implement design changes and improvements without the expense of conventional prototyping.

Solid modeling with computerised three dimensional design systems enable our design engineers to rotate products 360°, viewing finished products in their manufactured form. This also enables us to electronically transfer detailed drawings to our customers to enable them to integrate the products directly into their own designs.

Our approach to development ensures our product portfolio remains aligned with industry trends and more importantly, all industry standards and regulations. With a research & development laboratory conforming to BS EN ISO 9001, products are tested to the very latest aerodynamic and acoustical standards, providing reliable, accurate data for the end-user.

It is essential that fan engineered products comply with the highest standards of quality, reliability, performance, function and safety; these are cardinal features of every Elta Fans product, brought together through an intensive research & development program to ensure total customer confidence.