• Manufacture

Elta Fans’ manufacturing capabilities are focused on providing the very best in fan engineered products. With continued investment in plant and machinery along with the development of modern manufacturing techniques, we are able to provide fast, responsive and flexible approaches to satisfy ever-changing market conditions.

Whilst Elta Fans’ principal manufacturing plant is located in the UK, manufacturing and assembly facilities also exist in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Our high standards of production, manufacturing processes and procedures are adopted rigorously throughout the world.

The needs and requirements of our customers, both in the UK and throughout the world, have dictated the development of products and accentuated the necessity for a flexible manufacturing base to produce for a specific design requirement. As a result of continued investment, our departments are capable of designing, developing and producing specific or modified products, at the same time as pre-scheduled production runs.

One of the most crucial investments has been the sheet metal cutting machinery that is designed to provide optimum efficiency through pinpoint accuracy, effortless cutting of the most complex shapes and multi-bed arrangements for continuous operation. The machine is also directly linked to a computerised automatic manufacturing system (CAM), allowing the flexibility for customer proto-types to be cut directly from the CAD drawings.

The size of a casings flange and the pitch of the flange attachment holes are essential in providing ease of installation of products. With substantial investment in flange and punching machines, a customised laser alignment system ensures the punched holes in both of the flanges of the casing are perfectly aligned with each other.

Sheet steel configurations for various sizes and thicknesses ensure virtually all components for fans are manufactured at our premises. The continued investment in modern machinery provides capabilities for component nesting of irregular or different components, thereby using sheet steel production to its full potential.

Elta Fans’ processes and procedures in welding are designed around a cardinal discipline to provide consistently straight welds on axial fan casings. Through automated welding procedures, equipment is designed to ensure casing joints achieve the required weld penetration, whilst eliminating potential flange splitting in subsequent manufacturing processes. All casings can be welded for specific requirements with a variety of casing thicknesses and diameter.

Another important investment for Elta Fans production are the rolling machines. These machines are designed with a four roller system to reduce common “flat spots” on circular rolled casings, giving consistent accuracy on casing diameters coupled with a casing ejection system to handle even the largest and heaviest casings with ease.

Any influence on tip clearance through a raised weld from the welding process is eliminated through Elta Fans’ custom-designed weld crusher, which eliminates the need for weld grinding before spinning of the casing. The automated process benefits by seamlessly taking the weld thickness to that of the casing, imparting ductility to the weld and thereby improving the spinning process.

Forming machines at Elta Fans are designed to make certain that each internal component is formed to maintain a particular standard with consistent accuracy and no variation in quality. The configurations in material length and thickness present complete flexibility in our capabilities and an accuracy of + / - 1 mm after forming.