• Long & short cased axial fans

Long & short cased axial fans

Applied Technology

A core product range of our business for over 40 years, today our capabilities and reputation in axial fan manufacturing are renowned in the industry. Ranging from a simple unit to ventilate a factory building, to major applications including electrical sub-stations, drying processes and refrigeration, we are able to provide products for a wide array of applications.

With a diverse range of design and manufacturing options, as well as a complete range of ancillaries and guide vanes to provide more efficient power consumption, our engineers can develop the perfect solution to our customers' requirements.

Over 160
long & short
case models
hub sizes
Contra rotating for high-pressure applications
Single or two speed motors
diameters Diameters
from 150mm
to 2000mm
Alternative blade
& casing material
finish options
alternative blade

LCSC fans RAL colours
Single &
three phase
50Hz or 60Hz
Volume flow rates
from 0.20m3/s to
Wimes 3.03
specification motors
(water industry
Variable motor &
terminal mounting
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