• Demand Control Ventilation

Demand Control Ventilation

Demand Control Ventilation or DCV, is a technological innovation that provides an effective, efficient means of using variable speed ventilation solutions to meet variable occupancy levels in spaces requiring ventilation.

Humidity sensor
Humidity sensor
for measuring
relative humidity
PIR sensor
When a person
enters a space,
PIR sensor
pressure sensor
Pressure sensor
is available for
measuring gases
CO2 sensor
Combine the CO2 and
temperature amounts
with the CO2 sensor
Temperature sensor
Temperature sensor
has a range of sensing
0°C to 50°C
Room controller
Indicate what sensing
details are required
Room Controller
Drive inverters
Elta Drive inverters
Variable speed drive
to control motors
Bluetooth® enabled
SmartStart for
wireless convenience
Typical classroom environment
typical classroom environment
Humidity, CO2
room controller
Room controller
pressure sensor
Pressure sensor
For constant pressure
passive infrared detector
Passive infrared

For occupancy
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