PowerPlus SPP

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PowerPlus SPP Contra-Rotating Axial Flow Fan
Elta Select Product

Quick Facts

  • 5 standard sizes from 450mm to 630mm.
  • Air volume flow rates up to 3.96 m³/s.
  • Static pressures up to 764 Pa.
  • Suitable for operating temperatures up to +70°C.
  • Available in AC.


  • Available for next day delivery with Elta Select

Demand Control Ventilation

  • Fan & inverter packages available, please contact us for more information

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Features & Benefits

Efficient and cost effective

High efficiency impellers coupled with the speed controllable motors through the Eltadrive E2 inverters makes this a very economical method of moving high volumes of air at moderate pressures. Combined with our dedicated range of Variable Speed Drives, energy consumption can be dramatically reduced during idle periods where ventilation systems can be safely turned down. Lowering the speed of the motor by just 20% can produce an energy saving of up to 50% offering a swift return on your investment.

Quality impeller design

Comprising Elta Fans tried and trusted adjustable pitch aerofoil section blades. Constructed from high quality pressure die cast aluminium components and factory set at an angle to maximize efficiency and performance for the 2 stage contra rotating impeller assemblies. Dynamically balanced to ISO 14694.

Installer friendly simplicity

With ease of access for wiring to the externally mounted terminal box, pre-programmed inverters and ex-stock availability the PowerPlus is the ideal choice for installers

Material strength

Constructed from robust heavy gauge sheet steel, the roll formed, welded casing includes integral spun flanges for a smoother airflow.

Optimum Choice Availability

The PowerPlus range comprises four standard sizes 450mm, 500mm, 560mm and 630mm diameter. Fully speed controllable for flexibility in performance with an extensive duty range up to 3.92 m³/s.

Outstanding performance

The usage of robust three phase motors, coupled with inverter soft starts, reduces wear and prolongs.

Extra Content

The resilient two stage contra-rotating axial fan is housed ina single robust casing, with both motors wired via a flexible weatherproofed cable system to a single IP55 terminal box mounted on the outside of the casing. The feature adds to the installer friendly ethos of the unit ensuring accessiblity and faster wiring of the unit, making it more effortless to handle and install than conventional two staged fans.


The all metal fan casing provides a long lasting and robust construction. The units have been constructed from a single sheet of steel, with both motors and axial impellers mounted within the length of the unit casing. All casing parts are heavy gauge mild steel sheet, roll formed and welded for added strength and durability, hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:2009 after fabrication and drilled to BS ISO 6580:2005. The fans are suitable for external mounting as standard.


Motors are totally enclosed, airstream rated induction motors with sealed for life, maintenance free ball bearings, which allows the fan to be installed at any angle. Each motor is matched to the aerodynamic performance of the impeller. Motors are Class F insulated to EN 60034-5, protected to IP55 and suitable for inverter speed control. Motors are suitable for 230V Delta and 400V Star connection. Fans are suitable for operating temperatures between -20°C and +70°C. Electrical connection to the motor is provided by an IP55 terminal box which is fitted onto the outer side of the fan casing.


Adjustable pitch aerofoil impellers are provided with blades made from high quality die cast aluminium (LM6). Impellers are factory set at an angle to provide maximum performance and efficiency across the duty range. The hubs are manufactured from die cast aluminium alloy (LM24). All impellers are to be dynamically balanced to ISO 14694 Grade G6.3.

Quality Management

Units are to be designed and manufactured with procedures as defined in BS EN ISO 9001:2008. All SPP units are to be tested to ISO 5801:2007 (airside performance) and BS 848 Part 2:1985 (sound performance).
  • Ancillary PackAncillary Pack
  • AV MountsAV Mounts
  • Bell Mouth InletBell Mouth Inlet
  • DamperDamper
  • Flexible ConnectionsFlexible Connections
  • Impeller Side GuardImpeller Side Guard
  • InverterInverter
  • Matching FlangesMatching Flanges
  • Mounting FeetMounting Feet
  • SilencerSilencer