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SANO IPIV Loft Intelligent Loft Mounted Positive Input Ventilation Unit with ECO–LoFlo Technology


External air is drawn into the loft by the SANO Intelligent PIV LOFT unit. Before it passes through the unit’s filter, the air increases in temperature as it utilises otherwise unused energy in the loft from solar gain and heat loss from the home. This increase can be significant, but is typically around 3°C warmer than outside air over a heating season. This energy gain is significantly more than the energy used by the unit’s motor. The tempered, filtered air is then supplied centrally to the home via the unit’s outlet duct and ceiling diffuser.

Quick Facts

  • Discreet
  • Low Energy
  • Robust & Lightweight
  • Run Monitor
  • Low Maintenance
  • Integral multifunctional controls

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Features & Benefits


Small white plastic supply air diffuser which will blend well with any ceiling while distributing the air as required.

Low energy

Ultra-low quiet fan/motor assembly.

Robust Construction

Fan casing construction built to last.

Run Monitor

Records time power supplied to unit.

Low maintenance

Very large G4 grade filter.

Integral, multi-functional controls

With wide airflow and temperature settings which allow the unit to be fine-tuned to suit the individual requirements of a home and its occupants. These controls include:

  • 8 unit settings to choose from to suit the size, layout, thermal properties and moisture production in the home.
  • Heat Recovery mode function with adjustable trigger temperature setting and adjustable increased airflow setting.
  • Standby mode which switches the unit off when the temperature reaches the pre-set “Standby” trigger temperature to save energy and prevent undesirable warm air being introduced unnecessarily in to the home. e.g. during hot summer days.
  • ECO-LoFlo function
  • Override Boost mode to operate the unit at its maximum airflow by means of a user switch.

Suspension kit and joist mounting brackets

Supplied for use as required.


Each SANO Intelligent PIV LOFT has a FIVE Year Warranty as standard.*