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What is Destratification?

During the heating season, rising heat results in thermal stratification, making the ceiling quite warm but ground level remains cool. As a result, the entire space must be overheated in order to maintain comfortable temperatures at floor level.

Overheating results in
more energy consumption

Overheating results in significantly more energy consumption than necessary and usually creates hot and cold spots in a building.

A Destratification Fan creates a gentle, concise column of air that brings warm air down to floor level, destratifies the space and reduces the temperature differential to as low as 1° overall.

Summer Comfort

In summer, an efficient and continuous air circulation provided by a HVLS fan, creates a natural evaporative cooling effect for occupants. It also eliminates hot and cool spots in the building by improving the internal environment, making the air conditioning system work less and preventing large internal atmosphereic losses each time doors and windows are opened.

Winter Destratification

In winter, warm heated air rises to the highest point of an enclosed area, thereby causing cooler air to reside at floor level. Traditionally temperatures have been maintained at floor level by continued and prolonged use of heaters, resulting in much higher fuel consumption and relative energy expenditure. A HVLS fan increases comfort for occupants and reduces inflated energy costs in winter by maintaining an even temperature throughout.

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How Destratification works

Computational Fluid Dynamics

The above thermal image is from a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) computer model of a 12.2m2 space with a 7.6m flat ceiling deck and a ceiling-mounted heat source with a thermostat affixed 1.5m above the floor, set at +21°C.

CFD Analysis

This shows what happens almost immediately to this built-up heat when a ZOO Fan (represented by the white silhouette) is turned on in this CFD Analysis.

Destratification Results

Destratification results in an even temperature throughout the Zone Of Occupancy. Creature comfort improves noticeably and energy consumption is reduced, often significantly.

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ZOO Fan SDF250/4-1AC

ZOO Fan SDF250/4-1AC

Destratification Ceiling Mounted Fan

Gorilla HVLSX30

Gorilla HVLSX30

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ZOO Fan SDF250/4-1EC
EC Motor

ZOO Fan SDF250/4-1EC

Destratification Ceiling Mounted Fan

Gorilla HVLSX40

Gorilla HVLSX40

High Volume Low Speed Fan

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