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Building Service markets

We are a major supplier of axial flow fans for smoke ventilation, as well as a range of Building Services applications including air coolers and refrigeration, offshore and marine, industrial processing and many more, for companies around the world.

Elta Fans has operational facilities in the United Kingdom, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand giving us a global understanding of the HVAC industry and the wide variety of applications that our products are used in around the world.

Our Products Available for Export

Long and Short Cased Axial Fans

  • Up to 100m3/s
  • Diameters from 315mm to 2000mm
  • Single and three phase 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Downstream guide vanes


  • Specialist motors
  • Aluminium, stainless steel or carbon loaded polypropylene impellers
  • Gas Areas – Zones 1 and 2 EPL Gb and Gc, Electrical protection concepts Ex d, Exde, Ex e and Ex nA available
  • Single and three phases 50Hz or 60Hz
Elta Fans Plate Fans

Plate Fans

  • Diameters from 250mm to 800mm
  • AC and EC models
  • Epoxy coated pressed sheet steel
  • Single and three phase 50Hz or 60Hz

Bifurcated Fans

  • Diameters from 400m to 1250mm (CYL)
  • Diameters from 250mm to 630mm (CON)
  • +150°C (CYL) and +250°C (CON) operating temperatures
  • 50Hz or 60Hz supply

Box Fans

  • Diameters from 100mm to 500mm
  • AC and EC motors available
  • Acoustic lining available
  • Single and three phase 50Hz or 60Hz

Roof Fans

  • AC and EC versions
  • Centrifugal or axial roof units
  • Single and three phase 50Hz or 60Hz

Smoke Fans

  • Diameters from 315mm to 2000mm
  • Single or two speed operation
  • +200°C, +300°C or +400°C operating temperatures
  • 50Hz or 60Hz supply
  • Downstream guide vanes

Car Park Fans

  • 50N and 100N induction fans
  • Truly reversible or unidirectional airflow
  • AC motors available
  • All impulse fans 300/2 or 400/2
  • Isolator switch or terminal box variants

Got an overseas project in mind?
Our customer service and sales teams are specially trained and have a great deal of knowledge about our products and the applications they are created for.

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