• Fan Selection Program

Fan Selection Program

The Elta Fans Product Selection Program has been designed to make fan selection faster and more efficient.

Developed from the ground up, the selection program makes it quicker and easier for you to select fans from our expansive range of products. Whether you’ve used the program in a previously or if this is your first time, you will find this program a helpful part of your processes.

Navigating the program

To navigate between the main areas of the program, simply use the main navigation buttons at the top. The program highlights the button to show which area of the program you are in. A dedicated Help source is available with the ability to define common default settings.

Selecting a fan

Basic mode: allows you to use a 5 step process to determine suitable fans, or alternatively, use a single Product Code.
Advanced mode: gives you complete control over the criteria for selecting your fan.

Silencers and acoustic analysis

Silencer selection is available in both basic and advanced modes allowing a simple 5 step process to determine a suitable silencer or complete control over the criteria of the silencer type required.

The Acoustic Analysis tool allows calculations on simple systems to be made to provide a rough approximation of what noise level can be expected.

Our Fan Selection Program has become the essential software for consultants and contractors who want fast and accurate fan and silencer selections.

Key features

The latest version has been designed to make it easier for you to select, compare and schedule fans and silencers with a number of powerful new features that will help you save time.

A more user-friendly interface
Easier to find what you need based on a wide choice of criteria

Basic and advanced user modes
With guidance, use the program at the level that suits you

Revolutionary support for variable speed fans
Helps you design more energy efficient systems

Store all 2D .dwg and .dxf
For a project in a folder in one quick step

Conveniently view technical data
In a single screen and recall it at any time

Easily select energy efficient fans
Calculate running costs

Fully integrated PDF and Excel output
Promoting the efficient electronic

Download the Fan Selection Program

Contact us to request a download of the fan selection program.