Operating in more specialist market sectors such as marine, traction, heat transfer, refrigeration and agriculture - Applied Technology provide standard or modified products, as well as bespoke fans for precise market applications.


Our fans for the marine sector are built to resist saline conditions and meet MOD naval standards, as well as the requirements of the majority of marine classification societies, including Lloyds, DNV, ABS and DV.

agricultureAgriculture & food

Agricultural markets require a range of fans to meet the varying demands of the industry, including units for drying and storing crops such as grain, tea, coffee and potatoes; as well as for freezing fish, ripening fruit and vegetables and for use in transport containers.

offshore, oil and gasOffshore, oil & gas

Offshore platforms are associated with numerous fan applications from production and drilling areas, to power generation, accommodation and manned areas.

power generationPower generation

Whether they supply applications such as roadside lighting systems, water pumping stations, cold stores or emergency back-up systems; all generators, pumps and compressors require a reliable supply of air.


The protection of personnel, safety and continued operation is of the utmost importance in this sector. 


The ventilation systems within fully enclosed spaces, such as tunnels and metro stations, use an exchange process of air.

industrialIndustrial plants

Industrial processes generate large amounts of heat and release a multitude of contaminants, such as dust and smoke, into the air.


Our robust fans are designed to operate in extreme cold to provide rooms with consistent temperatures with the fan speed managed by a controller to suit specific application requirements.

hazardous areasHazardous area / emergency application

Mechanical ventilation systems for hazardous areas may be required to run constantly to provide standard HVAC provision run during normal operations.