Agricultural markets require a range of fans to meet the varying demands of the industry, including units for drying and storing crops such as grain, tea, coffee and potatoes; as well as for freezing fish, ripening fruit and vegetables and for use in transport containers. Elta Fans’ units for these purposes are robustly engineered to withstand high levels of moisture and extremes of temperature.

crop dryingCrop drying

As crops rapidly deteriorate if their moisture content is too high, our fans can be used to dry the harvest to preserve its condition. By reducing its exposure to weather, this process also improves the quality of the crop whilst allowing it to be harvested in moist conditions.

coffee and tea dryingTea / coffee drying

Our fans are used to dry tea and coffee in mechanical flat-bed continuous belt flow driers and fixed bed driers. Units supplied for these applications are designed for operation in high humidity at low speeds.

fish freezingFish freezing

Designed and built to operate at low temperatures, our long and short cased axial fans are fitted in freezer tunnels on board ships and in processing plants in order to circulate or exhaust air at temperatures down to -35°C.

potato and crop storageCrop / potato storage

Close environmental conditions have to be maintained in order to allow the controlled storage and ripening of crops, which also prevents damage from excessive changes in temperature and humidity.

fruit and veg ripeningVegetable / fruit ripening

Our high efficiency plate fans are used for fruit ripening systems where control of the ripening process is essential to maximise the storage time and availability of the product. To prevent disease, decay and injury to the fruit, it is necessary to ventilate and maintain the correct storage conditions.

container transportContainer transport

Refrigerated containers are part of the international movement of perishable goods over long distances that are transported by road, rail and sea.