• Container transport

Refrigerated containers are part of the international movement of perishable goods over long distances that are transported by road, rail and sea.

Temperatures within containers are normally retained between -2 and 0°C using refrigeration, ventilation and, in some cases, heating. Direct ventilation is obtained with fans and blowers such as the Elta Fans plate mounted fans.

Regardless of the type of refrigeration equipment used in a truck, trailer or container, satisfactory product temperature cannot be maintained unless the load is surrounded by proper air or surface temperature. Inadequate air distribution is the principle cause of improper cargo refrigeration.

Fruit and vegetables are respiring cargo that produce carbon dioxide and ethylene that must be removed from the container via the appropriate number of air changes. This exchange is created by the pressure differential between our carefully selected circulating fans and fresh air flaps to meet the needs of the refrigeration system.