• Crop / grain drying

As crops rapidly deteriorate if their moisture content is too high, our fans can be used to dry the harvest to preserve its condition. By reducing its exposure to weather, this process also improves the quality of the crop whilst allowing it to be harvested in moist conditions.

Elta Fans have the capability of supplying axial flow units to both of the most popular drier types; continuous flow and cross-flow driers.

Airflow rate, air temperature and relative humidity all influence the drying speed with, drying speed generally being increased by higher airflow rates, higher temperatures and lower relative humidity. Airflow is determined by fan design, speed and motor size, as well as the resistance of the crop.

In continuous driers, our fans are placed beneath the bed to force air through the crop while another set of fans extract the moist air from above. To ensure it is dried evenly and at the same rate, the hot air passes through the crop via a series of lateral ducts within the central column. Due to the smaller depth that the air has to permeate, fans for this application are not required to have the high pressure developments of other types of drier.

For cross-flow driers, our axial fans are installed on the outlet and are used to draw warm air from an oil-fired furnace into air chambers before forcing it up through the crop and then expelling it.