• Vegetable / fruit ripening

Our high efficiency plate fans are used for fruit ripening systems where control of the ripening process is essential to maximise the storage time and availability of the product. To prevent disease, decay and injury to the fruit, it is necessary to ventilate and maintain the correct storage conditions.

Harvested fruit should be promptly and carefully moved into storage. Apples, for example, deteriorate as much in one day of field temperatures as they would during one week of cooled storage. Therefore, it is essential that all fruit is placed in storage and cooled to a prescribed temperature through the circulation of refrigerated air.

In some instances, a combination of chilled air and water is used to preserve the moisture content of the fruit. The continuous flow of air through the product is essential and can only be obtained through correctly designed systems and reliable fan products.

Banana rooms have a particular storage design and ripening process; to assist this process, banana rooms are insulated and fitted with both heating and cooling coils as well as a supply of ethylene gas. Large volumes of air need to be circulated as the temperature must be uniform throughout the room.

Elta Fans’ truly reversible fans have been designed for low noise and high efficiency with inverter speed control to minimise operating costs. As a result, they are ideal for installation in process and packing areas to allow produce to receive similar air flow conditions during storage and conditioning.