• Naval ships

Naval ships often have extreme demands with each system customised according to the type of vessel and the space available. The fans we provide for installation on board vessels are shock rated to work under emergency operations and can be designed for hazardous areas or smoke control as required,

Shipboard ventilation systems supply and remove air throughout the ship. In doing so, these systems control the air quality to protect personnel and sensitive equipment from fires, explosions, excessive heat and potentially hazardous airborne contaminants. Well-designed and easily maintained ventilation systems are critical to a safe and comfortable shipboard work environment.

Air distribution is typically achieved through a high velocity, dual duct system, which combines cool air from one duct and heated air from another into a mixing box where the air is filtered, cooled and de-humidified. By using our high pressure fans, the ducts can be kept to a minimum size to fit into a limited space.

The most widespread ventilation problem aboard ships is controlling the heat and humidity produced by the cleaning and cooking that takes place in laundries and galleys. The build-up of dirt, grease and oil in the ducts serving these spaces restricts airflow, is a fire risk, and reduces exhaust and supply airflow capabilities. To ensure their continued operation, our high integrity fans are designed to withstand the arduous, saline environments aboard naval vessels.

There is a substantial reliance on computers and electronic equipment in all areas of modern defence programmes. The components of these are sensitive and the reliability of the system is vital. Electronic equipment can be directly cooled by the air supply at a level that removes machine heat whilst preventing condensation. Alternatively, by using either our plate or duct mounted axial fans, air can be drawn through the equipment from an air conditioned room.