Industrial processes generate large amounts of heat and release a multitude of contaminants, such as dust and smoke, into the air. Proper circulation and ventilation are essential in order to combat this and maintain the health and productivity of workers. Our fans for industrial plants are designed and manufactured to withstand the arduous and corrosive atmospheres and environments in which they operate.

datacentresData & information centres

Electronic components generate heat that is largely contained within the enclosed space of its housing. As excessively high temperatures damage components, this heat is transferred to the space surrounding the electronic apparatus for removal by mechanical ventilation.

paper millPaper & wood plants

We supply high volume bifurcated fans for supply and exhaust ventilation that provide the high-pressure that is required by paper machines.

sugar refineriesSugar refineries

The sugar refining process requires significant amounts of heat and power. Ventilation and cooling fans are required to exhaust excess heat away from machinery and operatives as well as to supply adequate replacement air to support the refining process.

chemical plantsChemical & petrochemical plants

Process heat exchangers for chemical and petrochemical plants generate large amounts of heat that must be removed in the most economical and mechanically efficient way.

glass manufacture and ceramicsCeramic & glass manufacture

Air movement equipment in this industry is used for drier exhaust, kiln exhaust heat recovery and the provision of air for combustion and other processes.

spray boothPaint & spray booths

When working with paint products, workers may be exposed to airborne pollutants that can cause illness and hinder their ability to work. Lifelong exposure to hazardous materials such as paint vapours can even result in death.