Our fans for the marine sector are built to resist saline conditions and meet MOD naval standards, as well as the requirements of the majority of marine classification societies, including Lloyds, DNV, ABS and BV. Our range of fans for this sector include units for machinery and engine rooms, vehicle decks, cargo holds, occupied areas and cabins.

vehicle decksVehicle decks

Vehicle decks require supply and extract fans designed to cope with the increased levels of pollution present during loading and off-loading. To stop the build-up of pollutants during transit they must also provide supply air to dilute and then extract potentially dangerous gases and fumes.

leisure craftsLeisure craft

Fans within leisure craft must withstand extreme conditions, provide a high level of comfort and ensure safe indoor air quality.

cargo and containerCargo & container holds

With our capability of building diverse, bespoke fans, we are able to meet the differing demands of the overall cargo hold ventilation system in order to ensure efficient ventilation and good environmental care for both cargo and crew.

livestock transportLivestock transport

Poor environmental conditions are the greatest source of stress for livestock. Therefore, it is essential for their comfort and welfare that the heat and moisture produced by the animals during transport is removed and, as such, ventilation is required on all deck levels.

engine roomEngine / machinery rooms

In addition to the engine room, machinery rooms incorporating heat generating equipment, such as desalinators and steering gear, need to be ventilated and cooled.