Offshore platforms are associated with numerous fan applications from production and drilling areas, to power generation, accommodation and manned areas. These diverse situations demand that our fans provide the right solution to operational requirements and environmental conditions whilst having the flexibility to ensure the optimal use of space and power.

gas turbinesGas turbine enclosures

Gas turbine enclosures are potentially dangerous due to the possibility of an explosive atmosphere developing. If there has been a build-up of gases while the enclosure is on standby or during start up, there is the risk of an explosion.

compressor coolingCompressor cooling enclosures

Modern acoustic enclosures, housing generators and compressor equipment are designed to be as compact as possible. This results in high levels of resistance to circulating airflow inside the enclosure.

production platformsProduction / Drilling platforms

To enable drilling and then production to commence, an offshore installation relies entirely on producing its own energy supply to operate. Therefore, power generation has one of the largest priorities for equipment and space on the rig and has substantial ventilation requirements.


ATEX refers to the legal requirements for controlling explosive atmospheres and the suitability of equipment and protective systems used within them.