• Gas turbine enclosures

Elta Fans are used to ventilate Gas turbine enclosures and reduce the risk of the build-up of explosive gases, whilst the enclosure is on standby or during start up. They also maintain the temperature within the enclosure to ensure the turbine is operating at the optimum temperature.

To combat this risk, ATEX fans of high integrity and reliability are required.

For gas turbine enclosures, our fans are often supplied in sets of three: supply, extract and a purge fan to ventilate any gases that have built up prior to the gas turbine being fired up.

After reducing the concentrations of any gas to below flammable limits by diluting the air in the enclosure, the resultant mixture is then removed from the enclosure before a flammable build-up can occur. Effective ventilation also ensures that there is no stagnant air, poorly ventilated spaces or recirculation zones. Higher dilution of gas contaminates can be achieved with the use of supplementary fans, such as our cased axial range.

The acoustic design of gas turbine enclosures ensures that there is minimal noise breakout, our bespoke design and manufacturing capabilities carefully considers of the size of the inlet and exhaust ducts to further reduce noise. Furthermore, where the air passes through filters, we can supply high pressure fans to overcome resistance in the system.