• Production / Drilling platforms

To enable drilling and then production to commence, an offshore installation relies entirely on producing its own energy supply to operate. Therefore, power generation has one of the largest priorities for equipment and space on the rig and has substantial ventilation requirements.

In addition to providing sufficient air for combustion purposes, we provide fans for the engine room ventilation system that have been designed to remove the radiated and convective heat from the main and auxiliary engines, boilers and other components.

Axial fans are the main source of cooling air and are either fitted indirectly to the generator engine or as a separate fan. The enclosure may also require its own ventilation system. If there is an explosive zone our fans meet ATEX standards and the casings are manufactured to withstand a range of arduous environments.

Our diverse product range also enables us to supply fans for the ventilation of living quarters, communal areas and emergency standby systems.