Our robust fans are designed to operate in extreme cold to provide rooms with consistent temperatures with the fan speed managed by a controller to suit specific application requirements. Additionally, our axial fans, that range up to 2m in diameter are used to air-cool condensers used in refrigeration applications.

cold storesCold stores

Air distribution is of the utmost importance to cold storage and blast freezing applications. For uniform temperature and air motion, air should be distributed as evenly as possible.

refrigerated warehousingRefrigerated warehousing

Refrigerated warehouses are used for storage under controlled conditions within the temperature range of -25°C to 0°C and utilise a range of heat transfer equipment, such as chillers, coolers and condensers.

air conditioning plantsAir conditioning plants

Central air conditioning plants, common within applications such as hotels, hospitals and other large buildings where very high cooling loads are required, incorporate a large compressor, a condenser, a thermostatic expansion valve and an evaporator.