The ventilation systems within fully enclosed spaces, such as tunnels and metro stations, use an exchange process of air. This process introduces and mixes fresh air to dilute and then extract harmful pollutants, such as carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide. Owing to the potentially explosive nature of the application coupled with the presence of people and machinery, our fans are engineered to the highest standards of durability to withstand the intense conditions presented within this market.

tunnel ventilationTunnel ventilation

In order to remove build-up of heat and contaminants, tunnels must be properly ventilated both during construction and operational use to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers and workers.

metro ventilationMetro / underground ventilation

Ventilation systems for transport systems provide continual air exchanges to remove the build-up of excess heat and contaminants within occupied spaces. Under emergency conditions they serve to remove smoke and maintain the safety of escape routes.

rolling stockRolling stock

Rolling stock have a varied range of ventilation requirements, including saloon and cab ventilation for the comfort of operatives and passengers, as well as for engine and electrical cooling systems.