Building services provide a comprehensive range of industrial, and commercial ventilation products directly from stock, as well as larger standard and specialist products ranging from ATEX requirements and car park ventilation to emergency smoke extract applications.


Our products for industrial ventilation are built to withstand high temperatures in order to dilute and extract airborne contaminants, toxins, flammable vapours and the large amounts of heat that is generated by industrial processes.

sports and lesisureSports & leisure

Our fans for sports and leisure facilities effectively remove accumulations of carbon dioxide and the collective heat gain of bodies, lighting and equipment, as well as moisture generated from showering, breathing and sweating.

commercial retailCommercial retail

Our commercial ventilation can provide the required number of air exchanges, remove solar, electrical and occupancy heat gain, and prevent the build-up of carbon dioxide, odours, dust, bacteria, solvents and fumes.

medical and healthcareMedical & healthcare

Elta Fans’ products for medical and healthcare applications ensure clean air for the health and safety of occupants through the removal of contaminants, including infectious organisms and toxic substances.

fire safetyand hazardousFire safety & hazardous

Elta Fans supply high integrity, high specification smoke extract, ATEX and car park fans that are able to operate during emergencies, as well as adequate standby/redundancy units to meet the technically demanding design requirements of these applications.

educationEducation & culture

We provide a wide range of units for educational environments that work to prevent carbon-dioxide build-ups from negatively affecting the concentration of pupils. Our units can also maintain the exact environmental conditions required for the preservation of art, artefacts and other important cultural objects.

hotelcatering 2Hotels & catering

Ventilation in hotels must be energy efficient, cover fire and smoke risks and operate at low noise levels whilst providing sufficient air changes to ensure occupant comfort. Our highly reliable fans are also designed to cope with the arduous and corrosive environment that is created by commercial catering.