Our commercial ventilation can provide the required number of air exchanges, remove solar, electrical and occupancy heat gain, and prevent the build-up of carbon dioxide, odours, dust, bacteria, solvents and fumes.

shops, supermarkets and retailShops, supermarkets & retail parks

Whether it's a new build or refurbishment of an existing building, large or small, there is a diversity of buildings ranging from shopping malls-purpose built centres incorporating many individual shop units, sometimes with leisure or other facilities such as food courts, retail parks, warehouse type developments consisting of several retail units, to high street stores and small shops.

garages and workshopsGarages & workshops

Garages, Workshops & Showrooms are defined as commercial establishments that provide services and repairs for motor vehicles.

dry cleanersDry cleaners

Dry cleaning is the process of removing dirt, grease, paints and other stains from such items as wearing apparel, textiles, fabrics and rugs by use of non aqueous liquids (solvents).


Whether providing public services with launderettes, or laundry areas in hotels, residential care homes, industrial or health care facilities, laundry is an essential function, not only contributing to comfort and aesthetics, but also assisting with infection control.

beauty salonsBeauty salons

Some form of mechanical ventilation will be required in all types of hairdressing salons, otherwise the working conditions can become quite unpleasant.


The ventilation of food premises is necessary in order to produce reasonable working conditions, and to reduce levels of humidity and temperature, which will assist the rapid growth of bacteria.

coffee bars and cafeCafe & coffee bars

The requirement for good quality ventilation in cafes and coffee bars has as much to do with creating a comfortable environment as removing the odours generated in this environment.


The quality of office buildings has a significant impact on businesses, with staff demanding office buildings that deliver ever better economic, social and environmental performance.

computer roomsComputer rooms

Computers and associated equipment generate a great deal of heat, so the ventilation design must ensure heat is dissipated effectively.

airport terminalsAirport terminals

Airports generally consist of one or more terminal buildings, connected by passageways to departure gates. Many terminals have telescoping loading bridges connecting the departure lounges to the aircraft.

recording studiosRecording studios

Recording and Broadcasting studios will require minimum noise levels due to the nature of the working environment, with lower speed fans with silencers and acoustic linings more suited for these applications

nail salonsNail salons

Nail salons, as well as other businesses in which hazardous chemicals are used, present specific problems.