• Bakeries

The ventilation of food premises is necessary in order to produce reasonable working conditions, and to reduce levels of humidity and temperature, which will assist the rapid growth of bacteria.

Bakeries are no exception- the exposure to flour dust occurs across a range of food industries in the baking sector, including plant bakeries, craft bakeries, cake and biscuit production, pastry production, pizza production and in store bakeries.

By providing adequate ventilation and control of exposure to flour and ingredients dust, this should also help to reduce the incidence of occupational asthma in the baking industry.

Bakeries naturally vary in size, larger commercial bakeries requiring higher temperature fans to extract the heat generated from the baking ovens, whilst smaller bakeries ventilation systems may well be duct mounted as the extract is more localised.

Elta Fans’ provide a wide range of ventilation products to cater for the bakery industry, so for more information, please look at examples of typical products that could be used in bakeries, or alternatively, please contact us to discuss your specific application requirement.