• Cafe & Coffee Bars

The requirement for good quality ventilation in cafes and coffee bars has as much to do with creating a comfortable environment as removing the odours generated in this environment.

The ventilation problems associated with cafes and coffee bars focus primarily on cooking odours and condensation, since most cafeteria's lack proper ventilation, with cooking odours and steamy, muggy air floating around constantly, largely generated by the heat and steam generated from the equipment.

Ventilation must be sufficient to maintain comfortable conditions for persons on the cafe premises by preventing air from becoming excessively heated, by preventing condensation and excess moisture on floors, walls and ceilings, and to remove objectionable odours, fumes and Impurities.

Cooking always makes the kitchen area hotter and more humid, this situation aggravated more so in the summer months. By working in hot, humid conditions, this may lead to heat stress, especially if there is a low level of air movement, poor ventilation and if the employees are unused to working in this type of environment.

The noise levels in this environment are not so critical; therefore wall fans are often selected, as well as ducted fan systems, particularly if the cafe is located within a shopping mall.

With a number of cafes, in particular with smaller buildings, insufficient ventilation of the kitchen area tends to aggravate the problems of there not being ample ventilation in the public dining area.

Depending on where the dining area of the cafe is located, if this leads directly into the kitchen, ventilation of the kitchen should take place prior to establishing any further ventilation requirements for the dining area.

The air movement from one side or end of the cafe to or past the other side or end could be from front to back, so it is appropriate to site ventilation equipment at higher levels in the windows or walls, or alternatively through the roof. However, to provide access it may be a requirement to duct through the kitchen for access to the atmosphere at the rear of the cafe building.

For smaller cafes, where there is no opening at the rear of the cafe, the air can be extracted at high level from one side of the front of the building, whilst in taking air on the other side.

Larger cafes and coffee bars will tend to obtain air replacement through open doors as well as intake units, with extract units located at higher levels in the walls or through the roof.

Elta Fans provide a wide range of ventilation products for cafes and coffee bars, so for more information please look at examples of typical products that could be used for those applications, or alternatively, please contact us to discuss your specific application requirement.