• Launderette

Whether providing public services with launderettes, or laundry areas in hotels, residential care homes, industrial or health care facilities, laundry is an essential function, not only contributing to comfort and aesthetics, but also assisting with infection control.

In launderettes, a high standard of safety is necessary for machines, which are intended for use by the public. Sufficient ventilation is required to the following three areas:

  • The machine compartment
  • The area in the immediate vicinity of the machine loading position
  • The area around the garment hanging rail

Launderettes need to be adequately ventilated. Fresh, clean air should be drawn from a source outside the workplace, uncontaminated by discharges from flues, chimneys or other process outlets, and be circulated through the area.

No laundry area would be complete without a well designed ventilation system.
An extract system is necessary to allow the heated gases from the dryer to vent to a safe location. In most cases the dryer vents outdoors. An effective system moves the hot gases and steam that are released during the drying process out of the launderette instead of allowing them to linger in the building where they could be dangerous.

Ventilation should also remove and dilute warm, humid air and provide air movement which provides a sense of freshness without causing a draught. If the laundry area contains process or heating equipment or other sources of dust, fumes or vapours, more fresh air will be needed to provide adequate ventilation.

Laundry facilities should be designed, equipped and ventilated to reduce the dissemination of microorganisms onto finished textiles. The ventilation should always include adequate intake, filtration, air exchange rate (10-15 per hour) and exhaust in accordance with local regulations.

Laundries will generate a significant amount of heat, so much so that with high levels of moisture content in the air, this needs to be exhausted, thereby overcoming potential condensation problems. Supply fans will also need to be considered to maintain a comfortable environment for the laundry operatives by replenishing the room with fresh air.

Elta Fans provide a wide range of ventilation products for laundry rooms and launderettes, all designed to cater for higher humidity levels, so for more information, please look at examples of typical products that could be used for these applications, alternatively, please contact us to discuss your specific application requirements.