• Nail Salons

Nail salons, as well as other businesses in which hazardous chemicals are used, present specific problems.

The vapours and dusts of such substances are generated close to the breathing zone of workers and customers, and can cause a variety of acute and long-term diseases.

General ventilation systems designed for offices, schools and other non-industrial settings are usually not adequate for keeping toxic substances at “safe" concentrations. Such ventilation dilutes, but does not completely remove, contaminants from the air.

Local exhaust ventilation is far more effective because it captures and removes contaminants at their source before they reach the air that you breathe. To adequately protect both nail technicians and customers, both kinds of ventilation should be installed. Nevertheless, general ventilation, if properly installed, operated and maintained, can by itself significantly reduce chemical exposures and improve the environment of the salon.

A ventilation system is designed so that the fan pulls the chemical vapours into a duct, preventing them from entering the room's atmosphere. A ventilated system design should ensure local exhaust ventilation is effective so that it prevents toxic chemicals from reaching the breathing zone of both nail technicians and customers. Ventilation should vent contaminated air to the outside, not inside the shop. The outside exhaust duct should be located away from air intakes or windows to avoid re-contaminating the room or blowing dirty air into other occupied spaces.

The exhaust air must be replaced with make-up air from a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) that conditions and distributes the replacement air.
Without such a system, replacement air will leak into the salon through doors and windows and will be too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

As with any indoor environment, nail salons should provide general dilution ventilation with an adequate supply of outside air. However, if a local exhaust system is not in place, it is especially important to have a good room ventilation system. The minimum recommended amount of outside air is 12 litres per second per occupant. This should be considered the minimum amount, and significantly more airflow may be required to reduce chemical vapours and avoid complaints from occupants.

Elta Fans provide a wide range of ventilation products tor nail salons, specifically designed around the vapours to which workers are exposed, so for more information, please look at examples of typical products that could be used for these applications, or alternatively please contact us to discuss your specific application requirements.