ATEX is the name commonly given to the legal requirements for controlling explosive atmospheres and the suitability of equipment and protective systems used in them.

The Directive for equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX) come into force in July 2003.

The ATEX Directive requires a specifier to clearly state from their site risk assessment, the area, zone and category that the ventilation equipment needs to fulfil. As fan manufacturers, we design and build a product that shall meet those requirements, although we are not expected to assess, decide or guess as to the required equipment standard. The products manufactured to a particular build specification, should not be used in any alternative environments or applications without the agreement of the fan manufacturer in writing.

Mechanical ventilation can both dilute sources of release and remove dangerous substances from an enclosed area. As a result there is a close link between the ventilation at any given location, and the classification and extent of a zone around a potential source of release.

Well designed ventilation may prevent the need for any zoned area, or reduce it so it is a negligible extent.

In order to supply fully compliant fans, the client/end-user must provide the fan manufacturer (or his agent) with essential details on the environment in which the fan will be required to operate.

The Directive sets out the main duties on end-users of fans as:

  • To prevent the formation of explosive atmospheres
  • Assessment of explosion risks
  • Classification of the workplace into zones
  • Select ATEX products according to zone
  • Prepare an explosion protection document (EPO)
  • Identify hazardous areal using wanting signs

With such an extensive range of fans the possibilities may seem endless, but fan engineered products are only worth having if they comply with the very highest standards of quality, reliability, performance, function and safety.

Our hazardous application fans are no exception to this approach, whereby Elta continue to make every effort to develop the highest specification products, by matching our capabilities to the very latest standards.

These capabilities are reflected by our ability to manufacture a comprehensive range of axial flow fans to meet the ATEX Directive.

Please look at examples of typical products that could be used, or alternatively, please contact us to discuss your specific application requirement.