• Restaurants, Pubs & Bars

Public areas such as restaurants, bars, clubs and public houses are generally characterised by high, but variable, occupancy levels and lighting loads.

The chosen ventilation system will need to be responsive and capable of delivering high quantities of fresh air when required to do so.

Mechanical ventilation, by providing extract fans Will draw air in and out of the room and evenly distribute air throughout the space, removing unwanted air, smoke and odours, whilst bringing fresher, cooler air which means more comfortable conditions for the occupants.

In restaurants, pubs and bars, where food and beverages are continuously prepared, served and consumed, the importance of ventilation in providing hygienic as well as comfortable conditions for the occupants is very important.

In restaurants (10-15 air changes p/hr), the ventilation is usually window, wall or roof mounted, ensuring suitable extract, whilst having adequate replacement air points- in particular, doors, windows or weather louvres at opposite ends of the room from the extract fans. Suspended ceilings allow the facility to install in-line fans, with grilles positioned in the restaurant I bar area to extract the stale air.

In public houses (15-20 air changes p/hr), the air replacement sources should, ideally, be positioned over the bar area, thereby, ensuring air movement is towards the extract points and away from the bar where high levels of occupancy exist. Equally, the location of pool tables, gaming machines, dart boards and other entertainment facilities, should, ideally be located close to extract points.

In popular clubs and bars (20-30 air changes p/hr), the ventilation system must ensure the fans selected will remove stale air as well as the high levels of heat generated by large numbers of occupants dancing. Consequently, a higher level of air changes is required, with speed controllable fans to facilitate the changing conditions.

Elta Fans provide a wide range of ventilation products tor restaurants, bars, public houses and clubs, so for more information, please look at examples of typical products that could be used for these applications, or alternatively, please contact us to discuss your specific application requirement.