• Electroplanting

The general experience of health and safety inspectors is that conditions in electroplating shops are often poor - some common problems encountered in electroplating shops include inadequate general ventilation.

By providing inadequate ventilation, this creates a number of hazards, such as draughts, which make local exhaust ventilation ineffective; moisture (from steam) ingress into electrical equipment; corrosion of equipment; unpleasant smells, stale air leading to fatigue or loss of concentration.

A high rate of exhaust and make-up air is required and special attention must be given to the means of removal of contaminates from the exhaust.

Ventilation may have been inappropriately designed, located or installed which can cause or contribute to uncomfortably high temperatures.

Electroplating is a chemical or electrochemical process of surface treatment.
Electroplating is used for components and equipment in all fields of technology to protect the material against corrosion, improve the surface properties, and achieve the optimum decorative effects.

Ventilation is important because of the sources of exposure present in chrome plating -The main source of exposure is to tank contents (for example, mists, gases, vapours), that become airborne due to tank agitation, tank temperature, dipping of parts, parts moving along on hanging conveyors as well as batch changing activities and tank recharging.

Before plating, most metal surfaces are cleaned in a degreaser, conditioned for the plating process in a series of acid and caustic baths and then rinsed to remove remaining bath liquids.

Acid baths are widely used in electroplating- The most common of these acids are hydrochloric, nitric, nitric-hydrofluoric and sulphuric acids. These acids can release vapours, gases and mists, which can cause serious damage to the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. The extent of vapours and mists depends on the temperature of the bath and air circulation in the room.

Ventilation plays it's part in how acid bath hazards can be controlled, by providing good local exhaust ventilation to remove mists, vapours and gases above the tanks -The rinse baths may also need ventilation as well.

Elta Fans provide a wide range of ventilation products for electroplating shops, so for more information, please look at examples of typical products that could be used for these applications, or alternatively, please contact us to discuss your specific application requirements.