• Spray Booths

A spray booth is a power-ventilated structure provided to enclose or accommodate a spraying operation in order to confine and limit the escape of spray, vapour, and residue, and to safely conduct or direct them to an exhaust system.

A fully compliant spray booth is required for spraying oil-based products. When working with paint products, workers may be exposed to airborne pollutants that can hinder their ability to work and make them sick. Sometimes lifelong exposures to hazardous materials such as paint vapours can result in a sudden and unexpected death.

Ventilation helps reduce exposures by removing polluted air from the workplace and ensuring that workers are breathing uncontaminated air.

Local exhaust ventilation systems such as fume hoods work by capturing contaminants at or near their source, transporting them to a collecting area or exhaust filter, and then exhausting them outdoors, away from any air intakes. Local exhaust ventilation can be a preferred method of control in paint shops, because they are more effective than other systems and the lower exhaust-flow rate reduces heating costs compared to dilution systems which have a higher flow rate.

Dilution ventilation systems utilise extract fans which bring enough fresh outdoor air into the workplace to decrease (dilute) the levels of contaminants in the air, which makes it safe to breathe. When setting up the ventilation system, it is important to understand the generation rate of the contaminant, in order to determine the size of the fan required.

The benefits of using mechanical ventilation in this way means:

  • It helps to prevent the accumulation of flammable or toxic gases or vapours
  • For less-hazardous materials, may be sufficient to reduce contaminant level below exposure limits

Furthermore, the use of mechanical extract in this way means:

  • Does not require floor space - which may be ideal for set builds
  • Useful when local exhaust ventilation is inappropriate or not feasible
  • Does not require extra effort or co-operation from workers
  • Lower installation cost than local exhaust ventilation

Elta Fans provide a range of robust ventilation products designed for spray booths and paint works applications, so for more information, please look at examples of typical products that could be used in these applications, or alternatively, please contact us to discuss your specific application requirement.