Elta Fans’ products for medical and healthcare applications ensure clean air for the health and safety of occupants through the removal of contaminants, including infectious organisms and toxic substances.


Hospitals are an important institution providing medical and surgical treatment, as well as nursing care for sick or injured people.

laboratories 2Laboratories

The design of laboratory projects will generally be biased towards the design of the ventilation system tor fume control, containment, or providing specific close environmental conditions for either animal welfare or research processes.

communal buildingsCommunal residential buildings

Communal properties are buildings containing separate residential units, which provide communal facilities for the benefit of all occupants, whether this may be residential care homes, student accommodation or military barracks.

public lavatoriesPublic lavatories

Public toilets provide the general public with access, regardless of payment/non-payment to access premises. The general public are free to access public toilets without having to be a resident, student, staff, member, guest or a regular client.