Our fans for sports and leisure facilities effectively remove accumulations of carbon dioxide and the collective heat gain of bodies, lighting and equipment, as well as moisture generated from showering, breathing and sweating.

changing roomsChanging rooms

The difficulties presented for the ventilation of changing rooms centre around the body odours and stale air generated as a result of the occupants activities. Ventilation equipment should be mounted to the opposite end of the entrance door of the changing room, and sited at a high level.

sports centreSports centres

There are a variety of activities that take place in any sports centre, with the air changes per hour variant depending upon the activity.

squash courtsSquash courts

Few things spoil a game of squash more than condensation. Sweating walls make it impossible to play angles successfully and if the front wall is affected, lobs start flying into the roof. Worse still, if the floor is affected, players can lose their foothold and injury can easily ensue.

snooker roomsBilliards and snooker rooms

A building or an area of a building in which the game of billiards or snooker is played, such as a private snooker club does necessitate a quieter environment, where players are able to concentrate on the playing area without interruption.


The gymnasium is a building or part of a building that is equipped with gymnastics, games or fitness equipment for physical exercise, which means there are people using the gymnasium at various times throughout a day, particularly larger numbers of people in the morning and early in the evening after work.

auditoriumAssembly rooms & auditoria

Assembly halls and auditoria, for e.g. theatres, concert halls, conference centres and places of worship are generally characterised by large but variable occupancy levels, relatively high floor to ceiling heights, sedentary occupation, and stringent acoustic requirements.


Darkroom applications naturally preclude light, therefore mechanical ventilation is essential in order to remove the heat generated from equipment, in particular, dryers, print glazers and other heat generating equipment.