• Assembly Rooms & Auditoria

Assembly halls and auditoria, for e.g. theatres, concert halls, conference centres and places of worship are generally characterised by large but variable occupancy levels, relatively high floor to ceiling heights, sedentary occupation, and stringent acoustic requirements.

The specific issues that need to be addressed for assembly halls and auditoria include the following:

  • The flexibility of space being served and if the seating is fixed or removable.
  • The acoustic control measures, in particular, plant location, noise break out, fan noise, silencers, flexible connections, duct linings
  • The occupancy patterns and part load operation
  • Stage ventilation and cooling and the assessment of lighting heat gains

The ventilation of large spaces, occupied by substantial numbers of people presents demanding ventilation requirements.

These venues provide an environment where large numbers of people sitting in close proximity to each other are generating heat, and it is clearly desirable as far as possible to continuously circulate air to dissipate this heat, along side the heat generated from equipment such as lighting.

Many assembly rooms are poorly ventilated, becoming hot and stuffy soon after the doors are closed -where persons are seated close together and in closely spaced rows, the sheer number of people will itself tend to provide a substantial blockage for airflow, which may mean that although the air circulating system is designed to circulate a volume of air which is theoretically adequate for the space, some people may experience excessive heat and stale air others may experience drafts.

Another critical factor in ventilation requirements is the maintenance of low noise levels, particularly in an auditorium. Merely increasing air circulation, by increasing the velocity of airflow will tend to produce unacceptable noise levels; likely to interfere with the hearing of people seated in the auditorium, at least, the hearing of people seated in proximity to the air outlets.

Ventilation is necessary to improve the level of air quality in the assembly room, dissipating heat from a large number of bodies, as well as heat generated from equipment, such as lighting and amplifiers.

The ventilation rates in assembly rooms will vary considerably due to the time of day, hence the occupancy levels in the building at any one time, making them highly suitable for speed controllable fans.

Elta Fans provide a wide range of ventilation products for assembly rooms and auditoria, so for more Information, please look at examples of typical products that could be used or alternatively, please contact us to discuss your specific applications requirement.