• Cellars

Cellars have traditionally been used for storage and can vary significantly in age, with older period cellars rarely benefitting from high levels of natural ventilation, so it is likely that some kind of additional ventilation will be required to reduce levels of relative humidity.

Modem day requirements for additional living space has led to a significant increase in cellar conversions into permanent habitable areas. However although developing a cellar and sealing the room area(s) from the elements may sound like a good idea, it can cause moisture to build up, which promotes the growth of fungi and rot.

Having some flow of air is a simple and effective way of combating condensation problems, and it can also guard against potential damp. However, if ventilation of a basement or cellar has been restricted, the moisture can build up and penetrate vulnerable structures.

For a cellar or basement to stay free from condensation and damp, ventilation is fundamental, and Building Regulations provide the necessary measures you need to take in order to ensure a room is up to standard.

Elta Fans provide a wide range of ventilation products for cellar or basement applications, taking into consideration the relatively low air change rates, the general requirement for a supply and extract system, as well as the restricted access to extract. So for more information, please look at examples of typical products that could be used, or alternatively, please contact us to discuss your specific application requirement.