• Communal residential buildings

Communal properties are buildings containing separate residential units, which provide communal facilities for the benefit of all occupants, whether this may be residential care homes, student accommodation or military barracks.

Consequently, the air changes will depend upon which areas of the building occupants are located at a particular time, with individual rooms naturally requiring lower air changes than communal areas.

As with domestic properties, effective ventilation is best provided by reducing air leakage, extracting moisture and pollutants at source, and providing occupant controllable ventilation.

Overall ventilation rates of between 2 and 8 air changes per hour are generally considered appropriate.

Wherever possible, residents should be able to maintain control over their immediate environment. In the case of student accommodation and military barracks, the emphasis is dealing with intermittent occupation. In residential care homes occupancy is less intermittent and the control of the ventilation is likely to be more centralised under the control of a warden.

For communally shared facilities within the residential care homes and student accommodation, it will be necessary to make different arrangements for areas of high occupancy, for example, television rooms, or areas of excessive moisture or odour generation i.e., laundry rooms and cafeteria areas which require ventilation to the outside.

With residential care patient bedrooms, these must be designed and equipped to provide adequate nursing care, comfort and privacy for the residents. The ventilation system in rooms is designed to prevent objectionable odours, condensation, and direct drafts on the care home residents.

Further considerations to the ventilation design within residential care homes is to ensure corridors are not used to supply air to, or extract air from any room, except that infiltration air from corridors may be used to ventilate both rooms, toilets, janitors closets, and small electrical/telephone closets opening directly on corridors.

Elta Fans’ provide a wide range of ventilation products for specific areas of communal buildings, whether toilets, bedrooms, bathroom or communal areas, so for more information please look at examples or typical products that could be used for these applications, or alternatively, please contact us to discuss your specific application requirements.