• Domestic bathrooms

One of the most important fixtures in the bathroom is also one of the least expensive and least noticeable - an extract fan.

Mounted in the wall, window, or ceiling, fans assist in the removal of bathroom odours and, more importantly, potentially damaging moisture content.

During a bath or shower, humidity levels in a bathroom will be significantly higher, and without adequate ventilation, this will provide uncomfortable conditions, as well as potential damage to the fabric of the room - since humidity and excessive moisture provides an environment in which mould, mildew and micro-organisms can flourish.

Excess moisture has tremendous potential for damaging the home. It cracks and peels paint, causes exterior paint failure, warps doors and deterioration of fixtures and fittings. Without control, it can even cause deterioration of joists and framing above the bathroom. As moisture content condenses on windows, walls, ceilings and cabinets, it attracts dirt and makes more frequent cleaning and decorating necessary. It encourages mildew on tile grout and generally provides an environment for increased bacterial growth.

Exhaust fans, ducted to the outside, remove moisture and prevent these types of problems in bathrooms and spa areas. Not only will occupants be more comfortable after a bath, shower or spa, but the room will also be free from odours, potentially hazardous aerosol vapours and other pollutants. In addition to healthier air, this minimises the potential for home damage, saving the homeowner the cost of making repairs to correct problems that were simply preventable.

Strong consideration should be given to the following:

  • An enclosed toilet should have its own exhaust fan.
  • Fans should be installed as near to showers as possible and if marked as suitable for this location, directly over it to capture the moisture as directly as possible.
  • Bathroom doors should ideally have at least 20mm clearance to the finished floor to allow proper entry of makeup air.
  • A timer or other control that ensures ventilation continues to a minimum of 15 minutes after each use of the bathroom should be installed in each bathroom.
  • For steam rooms, it is recommended a separate fan is located in the steam room that can be turned on after use to clear heat and humidity.

Elta Fans provide an extensive range of ventilation products for domestic bathrooms, all designed to remove condensation effectively, so for more information, please look at examples of typical products that could be used, or alternatively please contact us to discuss your specific application requirements.