• Domestic toilets

One of the most important fixtures in a room with a domestic toilet is also one of the least expensive and least noticeable - an extract fan.

This is an obvious point, but often overlooked when designing the room, as the toilet is not often ventilated effectively.

Mounted in the wall, window, or ceiling, toilet fans assist in the removal of odours and smells, otherwise it can make a toilet unbearable, therefore an extractor fan will ensure that vitiated air is quickly extracted, helping to avoid dampness and subsequent growth of mould on floors and walls.

A toilet fan should run for a set time after the power supply (e.g. a light switch) has been turned off, normally for 15 minutes, running long enough so that the air in the room is changed at least once. Unless the air in the toilet is extracted, there will be lingering odours, as the fan won't have had a chance to clear the air before it was switched off.

The location of the fan to get the air to flow across the room is essential, without taking a shortcut and leaving an area unventilated. This means if there is a window, the air shouldn't come in the window then straight to the toilet fan without passing across the room first.

Replacement air should be supplied to the toilet to make up for the extract air. The replacement air may be taken directly from the exterior, or from adjacent spaces that are naturally ventilated. The replacement air may be drawn through louvres in the doors, cuttings under the door, or other openings. The replacement air is taken from the outside, the quantity should be lower than that of the extract air, so that 3 lower pressure is created in the toilet, which minimises the possibility of vitiated air entering the adjacent spaces.

Elta Fans provide an extensive range of ventilation products for domestic toilets, all designed to remove condensation from the toilet effectively, so for more information, please look at examples of typical products that could be used, or alternatively, please contact us to discuss your specific application requirements.