Elta Fans has announced the first in a series of phased launches of new products which will be powered by motors and impellers from Ziehl-Abegg, including the first ever fan, in the HVAC market sector, to feature the Ziehl FE2owlet impeller.

The new alliance between Elta and Ziehl-Abegg was a significant move made to ensure that Elta Fans new products comply with the requirements of the new European legislation regarding energy efficiency. The first tier of the Energy related Products (ErP) Directive will implement mandatory fan efficiency legislation from 1st January 2013 with more onerous requirements to follow in January 2015, but Elta has taken a preemptive stance which will ensure their product range is in advance of the legislative deadlines.

The launch of the first Elta products to be powered by Ziehl technology includes the Raptor range. Available as a plate fan, cased axial fan, or plate mounted ATEX fan, the Raptor is the only fan currently available on the HVAC market to feature the Ziehl FE2owlet impeller. The research department at KÌÄå_nzelsau based Ziehl-Abegg drew from nature in developing the all new Owlet, recognising the owl as a bird renowned for its silence in flight.

By borrowing scientific insights into the owl's flight characteristics and combining it with the company's extensive aero-acoustics knowledge, Ziehl have produced a completely new blade geometry which excels in terms of low noise emission, reliability and high efficiency. To reduce noise, the blade has been designed with serrations on the trailing edge of the wing, like the owl, which serves to muffle the sound of the owl's wing beats. Improved efficiency and performance is achieved through winglets on each blade, used on aircraft to smooth airflow near the wing tip to reduce the lift-induced drag caused by wing tip vortices.

The Raptor fan range features an all metal casing, treated to ensure full corrosion protection, with all parts including the guard finished in a powder coated polyester epoxy paint to ensure long lasting and robust performance. The Ziehl-Abegg motors are highly efficient, lightweight external rotor motors with sealed for life, maintenance free ball bearings, allowing the fans to be installed at any angle.

Incorporated into Elta's products, the Centrifugal Fans include the Vpro backward curved impeller with threedimensional profiled blade and optimised blade geometry providing high efficiency and low noise levels.

A number of re-engineered Elta products are to be launched, including the Hideaway, Quietflow, Singleflow, Twinflow, Skyflow and QUBe fans, all of which are powered by Ziehl-Abegg motors and impellers.

Elta Fans is part of the £85 million Elta Group, a family of businesses with operations in six countries on four continents which, together with a network of international distributors, provides quality fans and related air movement equipment to customers worldwide.