A new fan from Elta is helping pub, bar, club and restaurant owners to reduce energy costs while improving the air quality for customers.

The SWHR180 is the latest in a new breed of fans which not only address the importance of extracting stale air, but also employs heat recovery technology which reduces the energy required to heat or cool a given space.

The nature of these environments means that ventilation is key. The challenges come from the number of people, which varies considerably depending on the time of day, and from the preparation, serving and consumption of food and drinks. This means that in a restaurant the recommendation is for 10-15 air changes per hour, in a pub 15-20 changes per hour and in popular clubs and bars 20-30 changes per hour given the additional heat generated by people dancing. Extract fans are therefore a prime means of ensuring good indoor air quality.

However, creating a pleasant environment for customers is also about providing a comfortable ambient temperature. With energy costs rising and an ever increasing emphasis on making buildings more sustainable and energy efficient, attention is being focused on how heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can contribute to this.

With conventional extract fans, any air that has been previously heated or cooled is simply expelled from the building for ventilation purposes. The HVAC system must therefore compensate for the loss of energy. Fans which employ heat recovery technology enable a significant proportion of the energy that otherwise would have been wasted to be recovered. As the name implies, heat recovery units recover the energy in the extracted stale, moisture laden air and transfer it to fresh air as it enters in a counter-flow heat exchanger.

The SWHR180 from Elta offers 73% thermal efficiency through its integrated aluminium heat recovery cell. The compact unit is designed to meet the exacting demands of the pub, bar, club and restaurant environment, with an ultra low watt DC motor which ensures a smooth airflow and further reduces energy consumption.

The SWHR180 is ideal for both new-build projects and for retrofit applications. For more information please visit the dedicated heat recovery section at www.eltaselect.com or contact the sales team on +44 (0) 1384 272800

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