Air quality within modern well-insulated buildings often suffers as a result of society's drive to conserve energy retaining heat in the winter and cooled air in the summer. Heat recovery units (HRUs) from Elta Fans' Building Services division can help solve the problem and add to the cost-savings achieved by the ventilation process.

Most large buildings are designed to receive most of their clean, outside air through a relatively small number of intakes in their ventilation system. Indeed, in many office blocks, it is often impossible to open windows, because glazing systems are sealed to preserve air-pressure within the building to maintain the balance of the ventilation system. When systems within these airtight buildings are operated with the singular view of saving energy, it can lead to a small exchange of internal air with clean, outside air, which in turn can lead to the build-up of indoor air pollutants. For air within any occupied building to be clean to breathe, it should be replaced with fresh air every two hours.

Heat recovery is the process of continuously preheating incoming cool supply air by warming it with the outgoing exhaust air. Elta Fans' Komfovent range of heat recovery units has quiet operation levels and is designed to change the air every two hours, continually replacing stale damp air with fresh, warmed, clean and filtered air. The highly efficient units can be installed to create healthier indoor air conditions and comfort in hotels, schools, colleges, libraries, nurseries, offices, conference halls and other premises. Easy to mount and maintain, casings are of compact design, allowing for easy fitting in confined spaces.

The company's SREGO unit, one of two models within the range, incorporates a rotary heat exchanger that recovers up to 90% of heat. A rotating aluminum rotor absorbs heat from the exhausted air and warms the incoming air-supply. The unit is available with either EC or AC external rotor motor powered versions, which contain sealed for life bearings, fitted as standard.

The SRECU model, incorporates a plate heat exchanger that recovers up to 65% of heat; the heat of the exhausted air is transferred to incoming air through the aluminum plates of a heat exchanger. Design of the unit prevents cross-contamination of the fresh, incoming air by the stale exhaust air, as the two separate streams flow across either side of the heat exchanger. Units are equipped with compact, high quality air filters and filter monitoring to alert users of service periods for filters. They are suitable for 220-240V 1-Phase operation or 380-440V 3-Phase dependent on model. All the AC motor specified units operate only on 50Hz whilst all EC motor specified units can operate on 50Hz or 60Hz.

The heat recovery units have a 12-month warranty and are available for horizontal and vertical mounting in 10 different sizes from the Elta Select range. An even wider range of sizes are also available from Elta Fans to meet your application requirements. Units incorporate an integrated control system that ensures safe operation of the unit, controls preset ventilation parameters and optimises unit-operating costs. All models are designed and manufactured to procedures as defined in BSEN ISO 9001:2008.

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