Commission Regulation (EC) No 640/2009 implementing Directive 2005/32/EC of the European Parliament.

The second phase of legislation regarding electric motors came into force on 1st January 2017 where all applicable motors from 0.75 kW to 375 kW shall not be less efficient than IE3, or be to IE2 and equipped with a Variable Speed Drive.

The definition of a Variable Speed Drive as stipulated in Commission Regulation (EC) No 640/2009 is

"Variable Speed Drive’ means an electronic power converter that continuously adapts the electrical power supplied to the electric motor in order to control the mechanical power output of the motor according to the torque-speed characteristic of the load (being driven by the motor), by adjusting the three-phase 50 Hz power supply to a variable frequency and voltage supplied to the motor."

Individual motors that are available for sale (whether sold or not) prior to the above date do not have to comply with this regulation.

Regarding our products, the following “Select” product lines are affected.

Product Line Size Product Code
Revolution SLC 450mm-500mm SLC450/2A-3AC, SLC500/2A-3AC, SLC500/2B-3AC, SLC500/4B-3AC
Revolution SLC 560mm-630mm SLC560/4A-3AC, SLC560/4B-3AC, SLC560/4C-3AC, SLC630/4A-3AC, SLC630/4B-3AC
Revolution SLC 710mm-800mm SLC710/4A-3AC, SLC710/4B-3AC, SLC710/6B-3AC, SLC800/4A-3AC, SLC800/4B-3AC, SLC800/6A-3AC, SLC800/6B-3AC
Revolution SLC 900mm-1000mm


Qube SQU Size 22, 23, 24

SQU22/4-3HT, SQU22/4-3HTS, SQU23/4-3HT,
SQU23/4-3HTS, SQU24/4-3HT

Qube SQU Size 3, 4 SQU3/4-3, SQU3/4-3HT, SQU3/4-3HTS, SQU4/4-3, SQU4/4-3HT, SQU4/4-3HTS, SQU4/6-3, SQU4/6-3HT, SQU4/6-3HTS
Slim Qube SSQU Size 22, 23, 24, 3, 4  

SSQU22/4-3HT, SSQU23/4-3HT, SSQU24/4-3BHT, SSQU3/4-3HT, SSQU4/4-3BHT, SSQU4/4-3HT,

All Select and bespoke products quoted will meet the requirements of EcoDesign regulations and where necessary a Variable Speed Drive will be offered.

IE3 motors continue to be offered for bespoke products where premium efficiencies are required and versions of the above Select range products can be offered with IE3 motors through this service.

By offering both IE3 and IE2 with Variable Speed Drive, we continue to offer the widest selection of choice to meet our customer's needs.