When the UK\'s landmark Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum in London started a major refurbishment this year to bring it 'into the 21st Century', Elta Fans were the obvious choice for a ventilation system which would combine modern technology with un-obtrusive design.

As part of the V&A's 'FuturePlan' scheme, the Museum\'s world renowned ceramics collection is being completely re-displayed in redesigned galleries using Elta Fans, supplied by UK distributors SK Sales. Seven of the galleries are now open and a second phase of four further galleries open in June 2010. In the course of 'FuturePlan' the V&A has taken an innovative approach to using sustainable low energy solutions in the new galleries to achieve the highest possible quality environment for both visitors and the treasures on display.

The ventilation system was designed by consulting engineers, Norman Disney Young, the concept being to reinstate the original Victorian ventilation system when the galleries were first built, with the assistance of fans.

JSMS contractors specified using Elta Fan's SCPP Axial Flow fan units to answer the design brief. Phase 1 of the refurbishment saw six such units fitted. Phase 2, which is still under construction, has so far seen a further six SCPP units installed.

The ceramics galleries house a collection ranging from the earliest Chinese pottery to contemporary ceramic art. The collection is unrivalled anywhere in the world and the refurbishment of the galleries aims to create the world's leading centre for the study and appreciation of ceramics presented in state-of-the-art, beautiful displays.

The SCPP two stage Axial Flow fan is specifically developed for high pressure requirements, where regulation specifies more efficient filtration systems. The contra-rotating two-stage fans supply additional power to the unit, dramatically cutting the workload for the fan, providing economical, straight-forward ventilation. Elta Fans have been manufacturing fans for more than 35 years now with a continuous investment in people, plant and machinery to produce modern development techniques for a fast, responsive and flexible approach to satisfy ever changing market conditions and energy efficiency needs.

The V&A is the world's greatest museum of art and design with collections unrivalled in their scope and diversity. It was established to make works of art available to all and to inspire British designers and manufacturers. Today, the V&A\'s collections which span over 2000 years of human creativity in virtually every medium and from many parts of the world, continue to intrigue, inspire and inform.

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