Eleven SmokeVent units have been supplied by Elta Fans for the first completely new prison to be built and operated by the Scottish Prison Service in decades. HMP Low Moss is located on the outskirts of Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire near Glasgow and replaces the former prison of the same name, which closed in July 2007.

The SmokeVent SLCS range comprises several robust, heavy-duty models with adjustable-pitch, aerofoilsection impeller blades made from high-quality, die-cast aluminum. The high efficiency impellers make Elta Fans' SmokeVent SLCS range, a very economical means of moving high volumes of air at low-to-medium pressures. Although specifically developed as dedicated fans for emergency smoke spill extract systems for emergency clearance of hazardous fume conditions with better cooling and smoke control, the units can operate in normal extract mode as part of a main extract system. This means a single fan can provide both general and smoke extract requirements.

In May 2009, the Scottish Prison Service selected Carillion Construction Limited as the main contractor of the new publicly built and funded prison. Construction work began in February 2010 after the demolition of the former prison and is due for completion in early 2012. It will double the capacity of the original prison, which comprised a wooden, single-storey, prefabricated building and eleven Nissen-hut, dormitory-style units linked by internal corridors, originally serving as a barrage balloon depot.

Carillion awarded the contract to provide mechanical, electrical and public health installations within two house block buildings with a total of 700 cells to Vaughan Engineering Group Limited. Elta Fans' Scottish distributor, Ventilation & Heating Sales (VHS) of Broxburn in Edinburgh, supplied the units from Elta Fans in two phases.

The new Low Moss facility represents a radical change in contemporary custodial design, setting the standard for three further prisons to be built under the Scottish Government's prison modernization programme.

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