Workers at a Mercedes Benz plant in Tankersley will be operating in much more comfortable and more energy efficient surroundings thanks to fifty-eight ZOO SDF250 EC fans, supplied by Elta Fans, the West Midlands based fan manufacturer. The plant, near Barnsley South Yorkshire, is owned by the multinational division of the German manufacturer and produces long distance, distribution, construction and municipal commercial vehicles for the leading marque.

The fans were supplied by Elta to Mercedes Benz energy partner Ista Energy Solutions for siting and installation in order to destratify the air in the facilities. This will have the effect of reducing energy costs; greatly improving the overall working environment and making the plant more energy efficient. The fans were also ideally suited to the nature of the operations undertaken in the Mercedes Benz facility; a point made by Matthew Murphy, Head of CRC and Energy Efficiency at Ista – "In considering the options available to us, the Elta ZOO fans allowed us to use the destratification principle which proved a particular advantage in the dusty environment of the vehicle body repair and paint shop. It allowed us to maintain a controllable and directed airflow exactly when and where we wanted it, thereby removing the need to power and move large volumes of air which would have served only to maintain the dusty atmosphere."

Part of the Elta Fans Select range, ZOO destratification fans are so called because they address the problems associated with the buildup of heat in 'Zones of Occupancy'. When hot air rises, particularly in large spaces and buildings with high ceilings, it causes a situation where the heat occupies the upper levels of the space - rather than lower down at floor level where it is needed for the comfort of people living or working there.

With the continued rise in energy costs and the resulting focus on wasted energy, this overheating of the total space in order to achieve the desired temperature at a lower level is becoming an ever increasing focus for building services. By the simple installation of fans in the roof space it is possible to force the air collecting higher up down to floor level. This ensures a more even distribution of warmth, creating a more acceptable environment for residents, visitors, customers or workers. The fans offer benefits in the summer months too; by distributing the cool air of the air conditioning system just as evenly. Again a more regular and stable temperature is achieved, energy consumption reduced and efficiencies greatly improved.

Stylish and effective; the ZOO SDF fan is a ceiling mounted, destratification, axial fan available in two standard sizes (250mm and 300mm). The innovative product incorporates many features that Elta Fans is able to offer as a result of the company's strategic alliance with other, like minded, quality manufacturers.

Offering performance, efficiency and low sound levels, it has a high quality FE2owlet impeller designed by Ziehl-Abegg. The blade geometry of the ZOO SDF's FE2owlet impeller - based on the latest bionic understanding of the bird with the quietest wing noise - enhances the fan's aerodynamic properties. It features serrations on the trailing edge to reduce noise and 'winglets' on each blade ensure there is even less intrusive noise. The unit is particularly suited to applications where volume flow rates, compact design and low noise are required. The FE2owlet impeller is constructed in high performance, composite material, which provides enhanced aerodynamic qualities and reliability. The fans are balanced to ISO14694 Grade G6.3.

Elta's ZOO fan is fully speed controllable, suitable for operating temperatures up to +70°C and delivers air volume flow rates up to 0.593må_/s (AC) and 0.656må_/s (EC). Contained within a robust, long lasting and fire resistant, UV-treated ABS plastic housing, the unit is designed and manufactured with procedures as defined in BS EN 9001:2008 - and is typically used in factories, sports halls, stores, industrial units and warehouses.

Elta Fans is part of the £90 million Elta Group, a family of businesses with operations in six countries on four continents which, together with a network of international distributors, provides quality fans and related air movement equipment to customers worldwide.