Arco A 150T

Intermittent Extract Fan


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  • IPX4 splash proof, suitable for installation in Zones 1 and 2
  • Silent operating automatic shutter front fascia powered by Thermo Actuator for air tightness
  • Quiet operation, provides unobtrusive ventilation
  • Reliable, sealed for life ball bearings for increased motor life and cold climates
  • Integral Mylar back draught shutter to prevent return flow of air when the fan is off
  • Unique BLADELET impeller design for optimised performance and acoustics
  • Double insulated, no earth connections required
  • Environmentally friendly, manufactured using totally recyclable plastic components
  • Optimised spigot support preventing distortion and impeller interference
  • Suitable for wall, ceiling or window mounting
  • Complies with all UK building regulation requirements
  • Each fan is individually tested prior to leaving the factory and meets the relevant standards
  • Available in AC
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AC Intermittant Extract Fan with Automatic Shutter. Available in three sizes, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm. Options include humidity sensor, adjustable run on timer and pull cord.


Designed for intermittent extract of contaminants such as odours and humid air from bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms. The fans are only triggered when required, reducing running costs and making them more energy-efficient. They also come with automatic front shutters which only open when the fan is in use to stop any unwanted backdraughts coming through the fan.


Arco A 125 & Arco A 150
An external switch such as a light switch is used to switch the fan on and off via a switched live.

Arco A 125C & Arco A 150C
The fan is turned on and off with an integral pull cord.

Arco A 125T & Arco 150T
An external switch such a light switch is used to switch the fan on and off. An integral over-run timer which will keep the fan running for a set amount of time after the external switch has been turned off.

Arco A 125 HTC & Arco A 150 HTC
The fan is built with an integral timer and a humidistat. The fan can be switched via an external switch or the integral humidistat, which will trigger the fan once the relative humidity level exceeds a selectable threshold.

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