Skyflow SSRL560-1EC

Roof Mounted Axial Flow Fan


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  • UK Patent Number GB2577032
  • Standard size 560 mm
  • Air volume flow rates up to 2.772 m3/s
  • Static pressures up to 221 Pa
  • Suitable for operating temperatures up to +60℃
  • Available in IE5 EC
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The Skyflow SSRL (UK Patent Number GB2577032) is a lightweight range of horizontal discharge roof extract units which balance the need to satisfy architects modern day building needs against a low silhouette design. The Skyflow SSRL is fully compliant to latest regulations, has low running costs and is UV stabilised for a durable, long lasting product that delivers exceptional performance and energy savings.

Features and Benefits

Easy Installation

Designed to be suitable for either curb or purlin mounting, the Skyflow SSRL can be mounted on flat or inclined roofs with a maximum pitch angle of 35 °.

Ecodesign Compliant

The fan and roof cowl installed together comply with Ecodesign directives, specifically EU Regulation 1253/2014 which sets out the minimum efficiency requirements for ventilation units including roof axial fans.

Efficient Performance

The combination of a high efficiency EC plate axial fan and a unique roof cowl design provides significant reductions in operating costs and electric power consumption, ideally suited to meet stringent Building Regulations requirements. The air operated backdraught shutter enables reductions in heat loss from the building when the SSRL is not operating.

Intelligent Design

The discharge diffuser provides static regain by gradually reducing the discharge velocity converting dynamic pressure into usable static pressure resulting in increased efficiency and reduced noise levels. A bird guard mesh is fitted as standard to prevent damage caused by wildlife.


The speed can be adjusted by the input signals to the motor
– DC voltage: 2 to 10V DC
– DC current: 4 to 20mA DC
– Frequency duty-cycle: 10 to 95%
The use of a potentiometer for manual control is also possible.


Each SSRL has a 12 month warranty.



A robust and durable unit with the top cowl and fan support housing in UV stabilized GRP to provide a longer life. Zinc plated support arms provide strength and protection against


Permanent magnet, electronically commutated motor with encapsulated electronics comply with the efficiency level IE5. Motors are pad mounted totally enclosed type to IP55 EC with sealed for life bearings for operating temperatures up +60 ℃.


Impellers are adjustable pitch aerofoil with blades made from high quality GRP. Combined with increased blade chord and twist, we have achieved 7% higher efficiency, reducing overall energy consumption. Increased blade root reduces stress levels making our range of impellers ideal for arduous fan applications.

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